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About our WorkHubs

Unfortunately we are not yet in every neighbourhood.

But don’t worry, we have been out walking the streets and finding restaurants, hotels and cinemas that can
double up as workspace for a few hours.

So, why not Drop-in to one of our WorkHub partner venues in your neighbourhood?


Your WorkHubs

WorkHubs are Drop-in certified work-friendly venues.

Expect good wi-fi, power sockets and a welcoming team to greet you. Plus you won't feel unwelcome or feel guilty for not buying coffee after coffee.

Bookings are made through the app.


Kraft Dalston

130a Kingsland High St, E8 2LQ



Mare St Market

117 Mare St, E8 4RU



The Maynard Arms

70 Park Rd, N8 8SX



Crouch End Picture House

165 Tottenham Ln, N8 9BY



Megans at the Sorting Office

6 Esther Anne Pl, N1 1WF



Bubba Oasis

57-58 Upper St, N1 0NY

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Do you want to increase footfall and revenue during the quiet period of the day? Become a Drop-in WorkHub and you will be listed on our platform where our members will bring life to your space.

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