Clapton. Soaring to New Heights

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E5. The Newest Kid on the Block

As London navigated itself through the turmoil of Brexit, battled through lockdowns and
saw football almost return home. Clapton quietly emerged as the rising star in East

Shoreditch, London Fields, Stokey, and The Wick have had their time in the spotlight,
but now its Clapton's turn to shine.

A Melting Pot of Culture

Clapton's charm lies in its eclectic mix of green parks, hipster hideouts, and a
welcoming ambiance that caters to everyone. If being a Hackney resident means
embracing urban living, then Clapton is the epitome of it all. From community spirit to
artistic inspiration, the essence of Clapton is woven into every aspect of its vibrant

Endless Possibilities

For fitness buffs, Blok Clapton provides a pumping playground to push your
boundaries and stay active. From booming workouts to invigorating classes, it's a haven
for those who love to sweat it out in style.

Craft beer connoisseurs will find their haven at All Good Beer or the original Clapton
Craft where unique and trendy crafts will test the best of us.

Foodies can dine to their delight, whether Michelin star dining at Casa Fofo or indulging
in mouthwatering dumplings at the beloved My Neighbours The Dumplings.

Families have Rosemary Works East and N Family, where their little ones are nurtured
with care, and the food menu is the envy of any Hackney foodie.

Nature lovers are spoiled for choice with countless parks right in the neighbourhood.
What’s your fancy; Hackney Downs, Hackney Marshes, Millfields, or Springfields Park?
Leisurely walks, tranquil moments of serenity or a lively park session?

If Broadway Market has become too touristy, fear not. Head over to Chatsworth Road
for an proper Sunday market experience that captures the essence of Clapton's

And for those who hear their South London friends bang on about being near the river,
look no further than the Hackney canals.

Home Sweet Home

With so much to offer, the real question is, "Why would you ever leave?"
Clapton is a vibrant hub, where the pulse of creativity, community, and diverse offerings
grow stronger every week. It's a place to live, work, and play which for us is unrivalled.

As Clapton continues its rise, it has no plans to stop as if fast becomes one of the
hottest place to be in London.