Terms & Conditions


In these Terms & Conditions and the House Rules, "Drop-in" means Drop-in Limited, company number  15325849 and whose registered office is at 91 Rendlesham Road, London, E5 8PJ; "Member" means the  member named on the member account created in the Drop-in App, and "Membership" is the membership by a  Member of a Club, which starts on the start date selected in the Drop-in App; "Club" means 91 Rendlesham  Road, London, E5 8PJ at which the Member applied for membership and any other Drop-in club the Member  may attend; "Contract" means the contract between Drop-in and the Member subject to these Terms &  Conditions and House Rules; "House Rules" means the terms set out in the Drop-in House Rules. 

This agreement commences once you have indicated your acceptance in the Drop-in App or on the Drop-in  website. 

Membership is subject to these Terms & Conditions as amended from time to time. Submission of a form on the  Drop-in App or website is an offer to Drop-in to become a Member of the Club subject to these Terms &  Conditions and the House rules. Drop-in has the right to reject any application for Membership. 


Membership allows you to access and use of the non-exclusive workspace at our Club. 

Drop-in limits the number of hours a month that members can access our Club, and this is determined by the membership plan that a Member signs up for.

Access to all facilities within the Club is on a first come, first served basis. There will be times when space may  not be available in the Club.  

Member access to our Club is via the Drop-in App with a valid Membership. Members must swipe in for security  and verification upon each visit to the Club; Members denied access may be asked for photo identification and will be admitted at the absolute discretion of Drop-in staff. 

Access via the Drop-in App is limited to one primary access device per Member; access will be denied where  another device using the same Membership login is used. A Member may not loan their Membership or permit  its use by any other person; allowing such misuse of Membership access may result in Membership being  terminated with no refund of fees already paid. 


No Commitment Memberships 

Drop-in offers various Membership packages, offering a range of price versus flexibility, so that Members have  choice. Drop-in operates a no commitment membership where Membership continue to roll on a monthly basis  only until the Member cancel their contract with Drop-in or cancels their direct debit directly with their bank See  Point 5, below, for further information on how to cancel a No Commitment Membership. 

The Joining Fee (if one is payable) and first month’s membership fees are collected from you by us on the start  date of your membership plan. Your second direct debit for monthly membership fees will be collected one  month after your start date 


All Members shall pay aninitial Joining Fee as per the Club's current price schedule, which will bemade available to you before you join as a Member. The Joining Fee is notrefundable under any circumstances.

Membership is payable in advance, either fully or monthly as per the Membership type selected (see Point3, above). Monthly fees will be debited on or around the start date of your membership plan. For example, if you start your Membership on 15 March, when you sign up you pay your Membership Fees for the period of 15 March to 14 April. Then, on 15 April, the Membership Fee for the month of May will become due and payable. In the event that the Member falls into arrears in respect of any fees payable, all arrears must be settled before the Member can use the Club.

Membership fees may be increased at the discretion of and at any time by Drop-in, to take effect after the Member's minimum term subject to at least one calendar month's written notice. Changes to pricing for new joiners may be made without notice.

Any discounted Membership options are offered on the basis that the Member can provide proof of eligibility; Members should be aware that the full fee for their Membership type may be applied until such proof is provided.

Where a discountedMembership option has an eligibility that could expire, such as where it is age dependant or based on student status, Membership fees may be increased by Drop-in after the point of expiry. As above, this would take effect after the Member’s minimum term, subject to at least one calendar month’s written notice.

Where a promo code offer applies, a validation check will be carried out where necessary, and where proof of eligibility cannot be verified, all offers may be reversed and any fees waived by that promo code will need to be settled by the Member.

Drop-in reserves the right to levy an administration fee of £35 if it forwards the account to a 3rd party debt collection agency in the event of non-payment of fees when due. Any lapses in Membership, including but not limited to non-payment of fees or failure to renew a Paid in Full Membership, may result in a new Joining Fee being charged should the Member reapply for Membership.

Drop-in may make changes to any Membership Fees and other fees at its sole discretion and this will be notified to you at least 30 days before it becomes effective. Any fee changes will be effective upon the date stipulated in the notice. If you don’t agree to the changes, you may cancel your Membership, save that you will not be entitled to any refund of fees previously paid for early cancellation.


Members on a Monthly MinimumTerm Membership contract may cancel their Membership after or with effect from the end of the minimum term, by giving two full business days advance written notice, effective from their plan date. This should be done by notifying theDrop-in Staff through the Drop-in App.

A Drop-in team member will respond to all cancellation requests. If confirmation of cancellation is not received, the Member is responsible for re-submitting the cancellation request.

Where the payment method isDirect Debit, the Member must advise their bank to cancel the Direct Debit instruction after the final payment has been made. Drop-in is not obliged torefund any fees where the Member has not cancelled the instruction and cannot provide proof of a valid cancellation request. All fees must be paid to date atthe time of cancellation.

All Members who opt for a NoCommitment Membership can terminate their Membership by cancelling the direct debit authorisation directly through their bank or building society. It is theMembers responsibility to ensure enough notice is provided to the bank/building society to prevent the next payment. Drop-in recommends at least 5 working days. Cancellations cannot be backdated and payments taken successfully will not be refunded. When a direct debit payment is unsuccessful, access will be denied with immediate effect and the Membership will be terminated within two working days. Should a Member wish to continue a Membership following a failed direct debit they may contact the Club team to discuss available options.


"7 Day Money BackGuarantee" is applicable when a Member signs up as a Drop-in FoundingMember during its presale period. A presale period is defined as the time in which a Membership can be purchased for a new Club prior to the opening date.

During the designated 7days, a Member may request immediate termination of their new Membership, alongwith a refund of fees paid upon joining (including the joining fee).

The 7 days is effective from, and including, the agreed original start date of their Membership.


A Drop-in Founding Member qualifies for the “Price for Life” promotion. Once signed up, they lock in the price from the start date.

In order to maintain their“Price for Life” status, a member must maintain an active membership withDrop-in without any disruptions. Any suspension, cancellation, or termination of the membership, whether voluntarily or involuntary, may result in the forfeiture of the Members “Price for Life” status.

The “Price for Life” is non-transferable and non-assignable. It applies only to the original member who enrolled.

Drop-in reserves the right to terminate the “Price for Life” option for any Member, at its sole discretion, in the event of a breach of the Membership Agreement, violation of club policies, or any other reasons deemed justifiable by Drop-in. a fixed price for life, provided that they do not leave their commitment.


Any Member may apply for their Membership to be frozen or unfrozen by completing a request via the Drop-inApp.

A Drop-in team member willrespond to all freeze requests. If confirmation of freeze is not received, theMember is responsible for re-submitting the freeze request.

The minimum freeze period is one full calendar month, commencing on the your plan date, with a maximum of two full consecutive calendar months.

A Member must request the freeze at least 48 hours prior to their plan date. For example, a Member who wishes to freeze commencing 10st June, must complete the online request by 8th June. A freeze request completed on 15th June would only be eligible for a freeze start date as of 10th July.

A fee of £5 per month applies throughout the period of frozen Membership. Freeze periods will not count towards a Member's contractual term, and will extend any applicable minimum term by the number of frozen months taken. Membership may not be frozen during the notice period of cancellation.

Members on a Monthly contract type will have their freeze fee(s) taken via Direct Debit; Members on a Paid in Full contract type must settle their freeze fee(s) upfront in advance.

Freezing for reasons of illness, injury or pregnancy will be reviewed and leniency may be applied in relation to the fee and notice period; valid medical documentation must be attached to the request for this to be considered. If valid dated documentation is provided, a freeze due to medical/injury reasons may be backdated, providing no usage has been registered on the Member’s account. In such circumstances no refund would be due and any fees paid would be credited to future Membership payments.

Any Member who requests to freeze their Membership under the Terms and Conditions will not be able to access the Club during the frozen period, either via their Membership or purchase of a Guest Pass. A Member must apply to unfreeze their Membership if wishing to use the Club during the frozen period. In order to unfreeze a Membership, a pro rata fee for the remainder of the then current month will be payable. The freeze fee of £5 is not payable towards this pro rata fee.


Full details of normalopening hours are available upon request at each Club. Drop-in reserves theright to vary normal opening hours, temporarily remove the access to certainequipment, or to temporarily close certain areas of any Club from time to timewithout notice for various purpose including for cleaning, decorating, repairs,refurbishment, or for special functions and holidays.


Drop-in shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or theftof your property, including for the avoidance of doubt any property stored inlockers and we strongly advise you to insure against such risk.

Drop-in are not responsible for any property you leave behind inour Club.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have retrieved allof your items prior to leaving. In addition, prior to the termination of yourMembership, you must remove all of your property from our Club. Drop-in will beentitled to dispose of any property remaining after such termination in ourClub and you waive any claims or demands regarding such property or ourhandling of such property. You will be responsible for paying any feesreasonably incurred by us regarding such removal.


You will:

a. maintain the Club and the facilities therein in their existing condition andnotify us immediately should any damage occur.
b. be responsible for any damage that you, your guests and/or any pets cause.
c. use the Club and any facilities therein in a way that respects the rightsand interests of other users, this includes but is not limited to; noiselevels, the amount of space you are utilising and your use of the wirelessconnection.
d. comply with House Rules.
e. pay Membership Fee and other the stipulated fees and charges on the duedates and to perform all of the obligations contained in this agreement.
f. not send or deliver or cause to be sent or delivered to the building anyharmful, dangerous, live, perishable or bulky objects.
g. not carry on a business or activity which Drop-in construe as illegal,immoral, offensive or obscene and you will not use the Club or facilitiestherein whether directly or indirectly for this purpose.
h. sign in and out (and procure that your guests do the same) at receptionevery time you enter and leave our Club.
i. be responsible for any equipment that you loan from reception (e.g. phonechargers). You will be liable for the cost of any equipment not returned toreception by 5:30pm on the day that it is loaned.
j. empty any day locker used by you and return the key by 5:30pm. Overnightusage and lost keys are chargeable as outlined in the House Rules.
k. Your use of our Club is under the terms of this Membership Agreement confersno relationship of landlord and tenant between you and Drop-in and we retaincomplete control, possession and management of our Club and to make suchadditions or alterations thereto as we think fit.


Your guest allowance is set out in your membership plan. Yourguest will be allowed into the Club for a maximum of four hours per visit.Guests must be signed in and out with the Club team. Additional guests will be charged at the prevailing half or day rate. You need to submit a‘Guest Registration Form’ at least48 hours prior to your guest planning to use the space.

Should a guest wish to remain working in our Club beyond the four-hourtimeframe set out above, or after the meeting with you has concluded, then halfor daily rates will be applicable and charged to your account.

Your guests are permitted into Drop-in Clubs only as provided inthis Agreement and the House Rules. You are responsible for the actions of allpersons that you, your agents, or guests allow or invite to enter the Club. Youacknowledge and are responsible for making your agents and guests aware, thatat no time shall you or they allow a party unknown to them to enter our Cluband that such action may result in termination of your Membership.


Drop-in may terminate aMembership without notice and with immediate effect if:

The Member breaches theseTerms & Conditions or the House Rules, either repeatedly or because of oneserious breach;

Any due fees remain unpaidafter any request for payment by Drop-in;

Drop-in is of the opinion(acting in its discretion) that the Member is not suitable for continuedMembership;

The Member puts the health,safety or well-being of staff or other Members or Guests at risk.

All decisions made by Drop-inunder this clause are final and binding. Drop-in is unlikely to accept a newapplication for Membership from someone whose Membership has been terminated inaccordance with this clause.


Drop-in acknowledge that thesecurity of a Members personal information is of high importance. Drop-inPrivacy Policy conforms to the European Union General Data ProtectionRegulation (EU GDPR) effective as of 25th May 2018 and explains how a Membersinformation is processed at Drop-in and the rights a Member has as anindividual under the GDPR.

Members are responsible foradvising Drop-in of changes to their personal information. Should a Member wishto update their personal information and/or request a change of Membership,this must be requested using the registered email address within the Drop-indatabase for that Member. Where Drop-in is required to provide any written oremail notification, Drop-in will send the notice to the contact information onthe Application Form, or any updated contact information the Member hasprovided since joining.

Please ensure you have readand understand the Drop-in Privacy Policy prior to accepting the Terms of your Agreement.


Nothing in these Terms &Conditions shall limit or exclude Drop-in’s liability for:

(i) death or personal injurycaused by its negligence, or the negligence of its personnel or agents;
(ii) fraud or fraudulentmisrepresentation; or
(iii) any other liabilitywhich cannot be limited or excluded by applicable law.

Subject to that:
(a) Drop-in shall have noliability to the Member or Guest, whether in contract, tort (includingnegligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, for any indirect orconsequential loss arising under or in connection with these Terms &Conditions; and
(b) Drop-in’s totalliability to the Member or Guest, whether in contract, tort (includingnegligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, arising under or inconnection with these Terms & Conditions shall be limited to £250.


Drop-in may from time totime amend these Terms & Conditions, including the introduction of anyadditional terms and conditions, and will notify Members by placing a notice onthe Club noticeboard. Any changes will be effective immediately.


These Terms & Conditionsand the House Rules make up a binding contract of Membership with Drop-in.Members are advised to read the Terms & Conditions and House Rules.

The failure of Drop-in toenforce any of its rights at any time for any period shall not be construed asa waiver of those rights. Any failure to identify or act upon a breach of theTerms & Conditions or House Rules shall not be deemed to be an affirmationby Drop-in that the behaviour of the Member or Guest is acceptable.

Except where permitted bythis Contract, neither Drop-in nor the Member may alter the terms of thisContract without the express agreement of the other.


These Terms & Conditions,and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or theirsubject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims),shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the law of England andWales.

Each party irrevocablyagrees that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdictionto settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms& Conditions or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractualdisputes or claims).

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