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Tired of wfh chaos or that dodgy cafe WiFi?

Discover a better place to work with the most wonderfully flexible and productive workspace around. Oh, and we’re on your doorstep.

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Built for you, the modern worker

We work wonders on your productivity

Tired of noisy coffee shops or WFH chaos? Our club has been custom built to work wonders for your productivity.

Ditch your dodgy WFH office setup and enjoy our ergonomically designed desks & chairs. Power through any work day with our unlimited speciality coffee. And never be interrupted on a call again with our brilliant phone booths.

We are always wonderfully flexible

Frustrated by other workspaces forcing you on expensive annual plans? At Drop-in we do things differently. Our membership plans have been built to always be wonderfully flexible. Whether you’re an early bird or late riser, our plans work for you.

Simply choose between our Drop40 or Drop80 plans and work the hours that work best for you. Best of all? There is no fixed-contract or annual fees.

We always work wonders for people & planet

Commuting creates tons of carbon emissions every year. Well that's depressing. Thankfully our clubs work wonders for people & planet. Our clubs are always local to you, meaning you can replace commuting time with a healthy walk that is good for your body & mind.

We also help local communities thrive through events & initiatives.

Best of all? We work wonders for the planet by helping to reduce the amount of pollution created by the daily commute.