"It's like a gym. But for work."

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When a member said this to us last week, it was music to our ears.

Drop-in was created to bring workspace into the flexible economy, with convenience and affordability at its core. We strive to make our local work clubs as synonymous with work as the gym is with fitness.

It is our strong belief that everyone should be able to be their most creative and productive self, when at work. Whilst we are just getting started, we have dreams of helping remote workers up and down the country.

Hourly-based membership model

We realised that no one is truly thinking about the modern worker. The person who has flexibility in where and when they work. Whether they are WFH Friday’s or a digital nomad with no fixed office. We have spoken to thousands of like-minded people and the feedback is universal. Home is ok, in fact it can be nice some of the time. But not forever. And certainly not always. People crave a change of scenery. And they want to do so on their own terms.

So we created a membership model to ensure remote workers have real options, without ever leaving their neighbourhood. Our hourly subscription model allows our members to use monthly hours as they please. Think of it like ClassPass but for work. And the best bit, it works out as little as £2.11 per hour.

Custom built for focus

Gyms are kitted out to power people towards their fitness goals. From treadmills to weights to saunas and steam rooms.

Our work clubs are kitted out to achieve your work goals. Members just need to bring a laptop, we take care of the rest:

* Important meeting? Well hop into one of our free to use phone booths.

* Need a second screen? Plug into one of our monitors, fully equipped with cables, keyboard and mouse.

* In the zone and need to work till close? Extend your booking with our easy-to-use app. The hours you use automatically get deducted from your monthly allowance.

* Forgot your charger? Speak to the team as we have cables of all shapes and sizes.

* Tired of sitting down? Try one of our sit-stand desks.

* Midday lull? Grab a coffee from our world class barista.

We have lived the pains of coffee shops and home work setups. We have lived the pains of commuting to corporate HQs. We know the problem and are here to provide a solution. Our clubs are purpose built for remote workers, in the same way gyms are built for fitness goals.

Come and work on your terms

Whether a 6amer, beating the rush, or a late night runner burning the midnight oil. We go to the gym at times that suits us. We fit the gym into our busy schedules.

For most of us the days of 9-5, Monday to Friday in a corporate HQ are dead. But where do we go for head-down focus? Where can we go to do our best work?

During the pandemic we all thought gyms were dead. That we would be crunching sit ups in our kitchens to save the time travelling. But actually, our kitchens are not for fitness. In the same way our kitchens are not for work.

Not a perk, but instead a given

A number of our members expense their membership plan to their employer and we 👏👏👏 their employer.

One member was paying herself, she then told her company about this place she’d fallen in love with. Her boss then offered that she could expense her membership. And why not?

These are the leaders thinking about tomorrow. These are the leaders that are prioritising their staff wellbeing. And these are the ones that will truly create the companies of tomorrow.

We see a future where workplace subsidies fall into the same category as a gym subsidy. Gyms have an unheralded benefit on our health and in turn productivity. Subsidised gym memberships are now a given and gyms in the office are proven to increase employee output. Likewise we hope employers will provide workers with similar benefits to allow them to choose the environment that allows them to do their best work.

All of this centres on our core belief; everyone deserves to be their most creative and productive self, at work. This means working in a setting that enables these juices to truly flow.