Redefining work for a greener future

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At Drop-in, we support a local future. One in which people eat, sleep, work and play in their local neighbourhood. We embrace the possibilities of remote work and ensure sustainability is not just a buzzword, but is at the core of what we do.

From design, to our suppliers to our membership plans, we ensure the way you work can become a vehicle for change.

Unleashing the potential of Remote Work

As we navigate the new normal, we recognise the tremendous opportunity we have to make a significant positive impact on our environment. At our core is a belief that we can do more without ever leaving our neighbourhoods.

By enabling people to work close to home, we contribute to a cleaner planet, whilst also encouraging modern workers to be mindful of their home energy consumption. Our members live within 2 miles or our club and over 90% walk or cycle to the club. Not only are we decreasing CO2 emissions from travel but we are fostering a stronger and healthier community.

Green Spaces, Green Mind

Beneath the surface we are going further. Each of our clubs is designed with sustainability in mind. We have optimised our design and are implementing energy-efficient technologies to minimise energy consumption.

Our office chairs have a net positive impact, as they incorporate nearly 1kg of recycled fishing net in each chair. Our worktops have 30% recycled industrial waste plastics and is 100% recyclable. On an operating level we are starting to our coffee beans and look to embed practices from the circular economy into our daily routines. We partner with local suppliers to empower the communities that we are in and we prioritise the use of eco-friendly materials. All of this is a just a start as we set out on our journey to capitalise on the full potential that remote work offers.

Community and Connectivity

Our sustainability mission extends beyond environmental concerns to encompass social sustainability. Our clubs not only nurture individual productivity but also cultivate community bonds. We are located in the centre of residential neighborhoods and by integrating into the fabric of local communities, we contribute to their vibrancy and resilience, supporting local businesses and initiatives.

We provide a place for people to go to escape the loneliness of working from home. A place for people to feel at home, even when they want to leave their home.

And whilst we are only just getting started we have plans to foster connection and collaboration between our members in every neighbourhood we are in.

A local future for Greater good

Together, let's embrace a more sustainable way of working and living—one that not only benefits us but also preserves our planet for future generations.