What have you done since the pandemic?

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Never let a good crisis go to waste

In December 2020, business leaders thought Covid-19 was nearly over and there would be a post-pandemic renaissance. Peloton was to become all-powerful, Amazon shares were on a rocket ship to Mars and ChatGPT wasn’t even a blip in our vocabulary.

Fast-forward 2 years and what has truly changed?

❓Do we only shop online?

❓Do we wear face masks on public transport?

❓Have we vacated city centres?

❓Have we seen a boom in new businesses?

❓Have we stopped flying?

❓Have we stopped going out?

❓Have businesses adapted to new consumer behaviours?

The pandemic was in effect the ‘Great Reset’; but we have in the most part returned to our pre-pandemic norms.

A future to be excited about

One thing has unquestionably changed, the way we work. After a global experiment in WFH, it made us realise we can still be productive without being chained to a corporate desk. And now every company is rethinking their workplace strategy. Given we spend a 1/3 of our waking hours at work it is imperative we do not get lazy and revert to the old model. This new era of work provides an exciting future for everyone. Employees have the power to shape work around their life.

Opportunities are now available for each of us to work from anywhere, in any role, and for any company. This level of flexibility represents a significant step towards creating more inclusive organisations, as the need for employees to physically commute is no longer a limiting factor. Companies can expand their talent pool and hire the best person for the job, regardless of their physical location. In the process we are regaining our most precious commodity, the one commodity that is constantly dwindling…..time.

When our grandchildren ask us what changed after the pandemic; to say we were no longer required at the same set desk everyday will be a great outcome.

WFH chaos

But let’s face it, remote work is not perfect. WFH setups can be chaotic, coffee shops are not fit for purpose and traditional co-working spaces are designed for corporates not for you the ‘modern worker’. And one thing is certain, we are certainly not going back to that awful commute. The world is not built for the new age of working.

Drop-in; your local workspace

At Drop-in we are on a mission to change all of this… and everyone is invited. We are developing the most wonderfully flexible and productive workspace ever created, oh and it is on your doorstep.

We are replacing:

💡 Noisy space for productive space

💡 Rigid plans for flexible plans

💡 Bad for the planet for better for the planet

💡 Dodgy wifi for winning wifi

💡 Cringy networking for creative co-workers

💡 Lonely at work for loving the community

💡 Long commutes for lovely walks

💡 Missing bedtime for more family time

Get ready to Drop-in.